Thursday, May 31, 2012

If A Man Wants You...

Ladies, my dear cousin sent this to me last night while I was out at an event and it had be screaming out AMEN in the middle of the dance floor. This is some great advice ladies, read it, share it, love it. You are welcome.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Make-up Trends and Tips 2012!

Summer is one month away and we have some new make-up trends to play with during one of my favorite seasons. From bright lips to a natural glow look! So clean out that make-up door with last season's colors and go shopping for these awesome new looks!

1. Tangerine Lips: Tangerine lips are all the rage. Apply a lip liner under the whole lip to make the color stick and not run or apply foundation to your lips and then blot after applying color. Try MACs Morange color!

2. Pop of Color Eyes: Pick out your favorite daring hue, whether it be green, blue or purple and apply it to your eyes in either shadow form or keep in simple with a streak of colored liner. Keep the rest of your face natural with bare lips to balance out this look.

3. Fresh Faced Look: Summer 2012 was all about this look on the runway. Use a moisturizer to improve texture and complexion of skin and use a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Also apply a pore minimizer for a flawless complexion. You can try a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation for an added glow. Apply some balm to your lips and highlight your cheeks and brow with a highlighter and you're good to go.

4. Metallic: Spice up that smokey eye with a touch of metallic shadow or liner. It's all about golds, silvers and coppers this season. 

5. Stained Lips: Bold color stained lips are in style for this season. Trade in the glossy lip look for a matte finish. Try slicking on your favorite lip color if you don't have stain and blot it for a subtle, matte finish.

6. Contouring: Show off those gorgeous cheek bones of yours' and add some bronzer from your cheekbones to the top of your ear. 

7. Retro Glamour: The vintage look in totally in. For this look, keep your face fresh and add a sweep of black eye liner to your eyes and wing the tips for extra flair , then apply mascara. Don't forget your red lip because it's essential to complete this look!

8. Colored Lips: Gloss is out and lipstick is in. Try out a hot pink or dark purple lip! Make sure to apply a color your lip with a lip liner similar in color in order to have the color stick or apply foundation and powder to your lips, apply color, blot then crush some powder on top and there ya go! No runny lipstick !

9. Bold Statement Liner: Grab that black liquid eye liner and draw bold lines of your eyes. Wing them out as far as you want for a super feminine look. 
My personal favs are the stained lips and fresh faced! I can't get enough of these new looks. Which are you eager to try?
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trend Alert: Peplum !

Hello my gorgeous readers! I'm coming to you today with a trend that seems to be everywhere you look! PEPLUM EVERYTHING! From bridal to ready to wear, this chic trend was seen all over the runways. Peplum comes in dresses, shirts, skirts, etc; 

These peplum looks add a boost to your outfit with their flirty designs and accentuate your waist for a nice silhouette. Make sure to keep the accessorizing to a minimum though. Accessorize with a skinny belt or some great shoes.

You can find your dose of peplum at your favorite shops. Here are some of my favorite (and affordable) finds. 

$79.90 ZARA
$49.90 ZARA
$59.90 ZARA

$29.80 Forever 21

$17.80 Forever 21




Will you rock this trend?

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brilliance New York Salon Grand Opening

Hello there my lovely readers! I hope you're enjoying your week thus far. I've been quite the busy one with work lately and I wanted to share with you the the event we threw last night for our fabulous client Brilliance New York! I am pretty obsessed with them since their products are amazing (no, not because I work with them, but because they really are) ! I have the diamond infused iron and let's say it's tamed the Miami frizzies. 

Any who, last night was their salon grand opening! It was packed of beautiful people along side even prettier models. The beats were booming all night long, while guests enjoyed drinks and some food to nibble on. Ladies were able to get mini VIP makeovers and left with their hair and make-up looking fierce. The press was all around and at some points it was hard to walk with how many great people were there. We had celebrity stylists come in and the hosts of the night were some local bloggers from Miami. The event was a huge success, even though by the end of the night my feet felt as if they were going to break off from my body and go their own way. My team and I were non-stop, but it paid off and Identity Media Shop pulls off yet another wonderful event! Check out the pics below ! 

& my outfit of the night.....

Mint Green Skirt,Forver21.Bustier Top,Forever21.Shoes(not shown) Jeffery Campbell Litas!

Don't forget to check out Brilliance New York

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Blogger : Nicholl Vincet With a Fun Summer DIY!

DIY Star Spangled Shorts 
Hi guys! I am Nicholl over at nichollvincent. I am so excited to be guest posting for the lovely Tiffany. 

A while back, Tiffany posted a how-to make your own flag shorts. I loved them so much, I was inspired to make my own. Because I couldn't find some high-waisted shorts that fit well, I use used some old ones I found in my closet. So without further ado...

I bought the bandana, fabric glue and studs at Micheal's. All under $10.

I cut the bandana to fit the mold of the shorts, and applied glue to the shorts, then secured the fabric on top.

note: As Tiffany reminded us in her post, don't use a real flag!!

After I glued the fabric, I placed some studs randomly on one side. 

I also studded the back, sheerly for fun.

And there it is! Perfect summer shorts! 

Thank you Tiffany for your keen fashion sense, and a huge thank you to her sweet followers for reading!
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Upcoming Essie and OPI Collections

If there's one thing people can say about me in reference to nail polish it's that I'm totes addicted! I have over 160+ colors sitting in a drawer in my room. So it's only right for me to blog about the newest collections coming out from OPI and Essie for the summer. I could not be more excited to get my hands on them!

Essie is coming out a summer "bikini" line & it is to die for. Great colors to dress up your pretty little hands for summer! There's 6 new colors in all! They will be available for purchase in June.

Mojito Madness - c/o Essie

All Tied Up - c/o Essie

Bikini So Teeny - c/o Essie

Cascade Cool - c/o Essie

Off The Shoulder - c/o Essie

Fear or Desire - c/o Essie
Now, OPI has two new theme collections coming out just in time for summer. They will be released sometime in June. The collections are a SpiderMan theme and a vintage Minnie Mouse theme. 

The Minnie Mouse collection is made up of 4 new pink shades! Perfect for all you ladies who love to dress your nails in pink all the time. There's a dark magenta color, a lighter shimmery pink and hot pink and a confetti glitter made up of pink hearts! Absolutely to die for!

C/O of OPI

Last but not least we have the Amazing Spider-Man Collection! I for one love this collection ! The colors are great and I am a huge Spider-Man fan! The collections consists of 6 new colors and a new shatter as well! 7 great new shades to try out. They are seriously fit to fight crime with. So cute! 

Pink - Your Web or Mine?
Blue - Into the Night
Green - Just Spotted the Lizard
Orange - Call me Gwen-Ever
White - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Pewter - Number One Nemesis
Shatter - Shatter the Scales

I need one of each from these new collections to add to my drawer of color! Which collection do you want to get your hands on?

xoxx dolls!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jeffery Campbell and Black Milk !

As if I could not be anymore OBSESSED with Jeffery Campbell and the fabulousness they contribute to the world by their shoes, they have partnered with Black Milk to make some seriously amazing patterned shoes! They run from $189.95 to $249.95 a pair and they are worth every penny. You can preorder them now only on Solestruck!

 All photos c/o SoleStruck!

My favorite are the galaxy and black and white ones. Which do you love?

xxox dolls!