Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Blogger : Nicholl Vincet With a Fun Summer DIY!

DIY Star Spangled Shorts 
Hi guys! I am Nicholl over at nichollvincent. I am so excited to be guest posting for the lovely Tiffany. 

A while back, Tiffany posted a how-to make your own flag shorts. I loved them so much, I was inspired to make my own. Because I couldn't find some high-waisted shorts that fit well, I use used some old ones I found in my closet. So without further ado...

I bought the bandana, fabric glue and studs at Micheal's. All under $10.

I cut the bandana to fit the mold of the shorts, and applied glue to the shorts, then secured the fabric on top.

note: As Tiffany reminded us in her post, don't use a real flag!!

After I glued the fabric, I placed some studs randomly on one side. 

I also studded the back, sheerly for fun.

And there it is! Perfect summer shorts! 

Thank you Tiffany for your keen fashion sense, and a huge thank you to her sweet followers for reading!
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