Sunday, May 13, 2012

Upcoming Essie and OPI Collections

If there's one thing people can say about me in reference to nail polish it's that I'm totes addicted! I have over 160+ colors sitting in a drawer in my room. So it's only right for me to blog about the newest collections coming out from OPI and Essie for the summer. I could not be more excited to get my hands on them!

Essie is coming out a summer "bikini" line & it is to die for. Great colors to dress up your pretty little hands for summer! There's 6 new colors in all! They will be available for purchase in June.

Mojito Madness - c/o Essie

All Tied Up - c/o Essie

Bikini So Teeny - c/o Essie

Cascade Cool - c/o Essie

Off The Shoulder - c/o Essie

Fear or Desire - c/o Essie
Now, OPI has two new theme collections coming out just in time for summer. They will be released sometime in June. The collections are a SpiderMan theme and a vintage Minnie Mouse theme. 

The Minnie Mouse collection is made up of 4 new pink shades! Perfect for all you ladies who love to dress your nails in pink all the time. There's a dark magenta color, a lighter shimmery pink and hot pink and a confetti glitter made up of pink hearts! Absolutely to die for!

C/O of OPI

Last but not least we have the Amazing Spider-Man Collection! I for one love this collection ! The colors are great and I am a huge Spider-Man fan! The collections consists of 6 new colors and a new shatter as well! 7 great new shades to try out. They are seriously fit to fight crime with. So cute! 

Pink - Your Web or Mine?
Blue - Into the Night
Green - Just Spotted the Lizard
Orange - Call me Gwen-Ever
White - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Pewter - Number One Nemesis
Shatter - Shatter the Scales

I need one of each from these new collections to add to my drawer of color! Which collection do you want to get your hands on?

xoxx dolls!

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