Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Season's: Hair trends

From center parts to fishtail braids, we've seen all sorts of hair trends on the runway this season. Some new and some old, yet redone for the modern day. Every girl knows her hair style is the cherry on top to any outfit. This season's styles sure do not disappointment and there is something for everyone!

1. Center Part: A throwback to the 70s, this style has been around for decades. It was all over the runway's this season and this straight, center part works for everyone. This style is used best with clean hair, yet for the second day hair issues you can use some dry shampoo. You can wear the center part with pin straight hair or with soft curls.

2. Side Part: A style that we have seen before is the side part. A deep side part, that slightly covers one eye adds a bit of mystery and a ton of style. You can wear this style with your hair pulled up, down or half up. You can add a few hair accessories to glam it up too!

3. Gym Hair: This style we saw all over the runways is a welcome life saver for all of the "hit the snooze button 5 times" before actually getting up types or the ones who love to squeeze a work out in between lunch breaks. This messy look is a total hit! You add texture products to the roots of your hair and work them in while pulling out a few strands for that undone, messy look. Add a cute headband or clip and your good to go!


4. Head Wraps: From turbans to large head scarves, head wraps are all the craze this season. Not only are they super cute, but they protect your hair from the sun and other harmful elements too! You can wear a turban with your hair down or with your hair pulled into a side braid, while the head scarves pull up all your hair and tie up on the top. These are perfect for your summer wardrobe.

5. Braids: From the old school braids to the fishtails, braids are everywhere this season. You can pull your hair to the side and braid it or just braid and pin back your bangs. I love braids! You can pull out a few strands for a more undone look. There are different types of braids as well. You have the normal braid, the french braid, waterfall braid and the fishtail braid. The fishtail braid is a beautiful way to style your hair for a casual day on the town or a night out with the girls! It's a personal favorite of mine.

Photo c/o Pinterest

6. Dip Dye & Bold Color: One of my absolute favorite hair style trends this season is the color trend! We've seen this look on the runway and all over Hollywood's finest. From bold color streaks to dip dyed ends, this is a must try! We've seen Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne rock full heads of bold color choices or large streaks of pinks and purples. Lauren Conrad showed us her dip dyed ends and now she has hot pink tips! I love the dip dyed looked myself. You can achieve this look with a permanent color or you can get ColorRub or use the hair chalking technique for a less permanent look. With hair chalk, the color only lasts one or two washes so it's perfect for a quick change. Look out for a hair tutorial on this coming soon!

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7. Top Knots: Last but not least, we have top knots! I am totes guilty of doing a top knot at least twice a week. It is so easy to do and looks so great with so many outfits. All you do is pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it, then twist the hair into a bun while pinning it down with bobby pins. You can leave it perfect or pull or a few strands. Add some hair accessories for a more glam look and your good to go!

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What's your favorite style trend? Which are most likely to rock this season?

xxox dolls!

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  1. I'm loving anything with braids!! these are some really cool and chic trends. Thx for sharing doll.

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