Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trend Alert: Neon, Neon & More Neon!

No matter where you shop or where you go, you can be sure that you'll see something neon. Neon is the hottest thing for this Spring/Summer 2012. The brighter the better. If it's not loud and in your face, it's not neon enough. It's kinda like the 80s and 90s threw up all over us, but that doesn't mean I'm not utterly obsessed with this trend! 

Now wearing neon can be a bit tricky. You wanna keep it to one or two pieces of neon at a time. You don't want to end up looking like those bright-lite toys we had as a kid. Take the picture above, you can do a neon pink dress with neutral shoes or rock a blazer with those banging orange shorts. Also try the neon pants with a simple top and jacket. Try out a thin neon belt as well, you can wear your favorite LBD and accentuate your waist with the belt and your fashion ready.

If your not ready to try out a neon statement piece, you can simply rock this trend on your nails! Essie has adorable neon colors ranging from greens to over the top bright yellows. Get a mani/pedi with these little colors and you'll be ready to go. I personally love the neon pink and orange nail colors. 

You can also use neon in your shoes, jewelery or handbags. Forever 21 has some great neon jewelery, like the necklace shown below. I mean it has spikes and neon?! What more could a girl ask for? Oh and it's only $7.80! All you gotta do is throw on a pair of jeans, a cute sheer top & this necklace and your ready for anything.

Now neon handbags are a must. Whether it's a clutch, side bag or a big arm bag. I personally LOVE Steve Madden's neon side bag line. They range in sizes and come in neon green, purple, pink, orange and yellow. They have them in different sizes for $78-98 bucks. And if that's not in your budget, Target has similar bags for about $20-30 bucks each. Pair these bags with your outfit and your ready for spring time. I mean these bags are total attention grabbers. 

c/o Nordstrom

Last but not least, you can rock the neon on your feet. Neon ballet flats are my personal favorite or those cute neon sandals for the beach. Steve Madden carries tons of neon shoe fashion. Your neon shoes can spice up any old outfit. Trade in your boring black ballet flats for a pop of color with a bright pink pair.

So what do you dolls think of this trend? You in or you out? I know I'm guilty of owning tons of neon clothing and accessories. I personally can't get enough of this trend!

xxox dolls!


  1. I agree Neon is amazing right now, I have always been a colourful dresser x

  2. Nice post! Love the neon trend!

    Emma x

  3. I was guilty of never wearing any neon colors but since my break thru I've introduced an eye popping pair of pink flats into my wardrobe. I love them!