Friday, April 20, 2012

Rocks Paper Metal

 Happy Friday to my lovely Fashionistas! 

Photo c/o RPM Etsy.

I was currently browsing the web for some new pieces to add to my jewelery collection when I stumbled across a brand called RocksPaperMetal. I would be lying if I said I instantly did not become obsessed! RocksPaperMetal is a fairly new brand based out of LA that has some of the most beautiful and trendy pieces I've seen! I knew I had to share their greatness with all of you! 

RPM has these incredible neon and pastel pieces right now that hit the trend for this season perfectly. From earrings, to bracelets to intricate necklaces, they have it all! Their pieces range from $18-$145. All their pieces are exactly what an outfit needs to make it pop! The bright bracelets make a perfect arm party to pair with your cute new bikini for the summer and the necklaces add color to any old outfit. 

You can purchase their lovely items from Etsy RPM  or RocksPaperMetal .  I posted a few of my fav picks below. Enjoy! All photos c/o RMP Etsy.

I wish I could decide what to order first! Right now is when I'm wishing I had unlimited funds and could buy one of each piece! A girl can dream can't she? 

Love love love these!
Seriously, how GORGEOUS is this?!

One of my FAVORITES!

xoxx dolls!


  1. Thank you :) This is so sweet of you to feature us!

    1. Your welcome! You guys are very talented !


  2. This jewelry is so gorgeous-- love the colors! xx