Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Trends 2012

As spring rolls into town, fashion enthusiasts everywhere jump for joy with the chance to trade in the dark coats and heavy boots for bright neons and bold patterns. So what can we expect to see all over stores this spring? Fun color-blocking, bold patterns, neon everything, pastels and much more. Let's discuss shall we?

1. Color-Blocking : We saw this trend earlier in the year and it looks like it's not going anywhere. This color-blocking trend is so easy to put together, even a fashion rookie can do it. The runway was full of wrap dresses, colorful bathing suits and skirts. When color-clocking remember to stay to the max of 3 colors! You don't wanna end up looking like a crayola box threw up all over you.

Photo c/o Glamour

Photo c/o Saboskirt! Check em out!
2. Bold Patterns: Now this trend I love! It can be a risk for those who thought flower printed pants were the no no of the fashion world, but what better way to spice up an outfit then to throw on a flower blazer?! The patterns this spring are all over the place! From large floral prints to abstract geometric prints to the classic polka dots & stripes. The prints can be worn from head to toe or just as the one statement piece of your outfit. Abstarct printed pants pair with a simple top and a banging pair of heels make a great outfit for a night out or you can be daring and wear a full on jumpsuit of polka dots. The louder the bettter and mixing patterns together is a go as well. Floral and cheetah? Sure why not.

3. Tangerine & Orange : When asked what the "it" color for this season would be? People said Tangerine and boy were they ever right. Tangerine and Orange were all over the runway and I think it's the perfect color to add to any wardrobe. Now, you can wear it head to toe, but be warned because you don't wanna end up looking like you're wearing your prison jumpsuit. You can also try this trend out by adding a bag, shoes, or glasses in these colors.

4. Pastels : If bold color isn't your thing, then never fear because pastels are in style! You can rock your city with soft shades of pink, purple, yellow, etc; Pastel pants and blazers are big, pair it with a simple top and some wedges and BAM!, you're ready to go. You can also pair your pastel piece with a more daring piece as well. How about some cheetah and pastel? Or my favorite, a crazy floral with some pastel accents.

5. Futuristic Prints: Last but not least in style for spring 2012 are futuristic prints! Think Milky Way Galaxy designs mixed with some swirls and lines. This trend is a bold move for any fashionista. You have to be careful while rocking the designs and keep it to one key piece. Either a dress, shirt, jacket or pants. NOT all four at once, you don't wanna look like you traveled to Earth from a distant planet or something.

Now you're all caught up on trends and you won't be sporting last year's style. Go out and have fun with these trends and spice up your wardrobe! What trend are you most likely to sport? 

xxox dolls! 


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