Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Tutorial: American Flag Shorts!

Well hello dolls! As requested, I'll be doing another DIY Tutorial! This time I'll be showing you all how to make a pair of your very own high waisted American Flag shorts! Perfect for summer and Fourth of July! 

These shorts do take some time and you'll need a few things : A pair of vintage highwaisted jeans from any thrift store, big scissors, small scissors, marker, ruler, fabric glue (can be found at Micheal's or any craft store), a razor and most importantly an American Flag bandana or fabric.

Don't use a real flag! 

So let's begin, shall we?

1. Start off with measuring your jeans and seeing how short you want them to be. Mark where you want to cut them, take them off and with a ruler draw a line across where they will be cut. 

2. Cut them and make sure they are even in the front and back.

3. Then once they are cut, take your razor and fray the bottom as much as you want. Stick them in the wash so they fray even more and look distressed on the bottom. NO FABRIC SOFTENER!

4. Be careful not to dry them too much or they can shrink! Also, at this time grab your flag fabric and wash it as well. AGAIN NO FABRIC SOFTENER!

5. Once both garments are washed and dried, lay your shorts out on the table. If you want to distress the bottom more, make sure to do so now. 

6. Grab your flag fabric and measure the star side on the left side on your shorts. Make sure the fabric goes all the way into the inseam on the shorts! 

7. Apply some fabric glue on the shorts, everywhere you want the stars to stick. Make sure not to glue the belt buckle part because you'll be cutting around this. 

8. Stick the fabric to the shorts. Hold it down to make sure it adheres. Allow it to dry for one hour before touching it! 

9. Once dry, begin to cut the excess fabric with your small scissors. BE CAREFUL! If you cut too much, your kinda screwed. Cut around the buckle, the zipper, the pocket, the sides and the bottom. 

10. Once you cut it perfect, repeat steps 6-9 for the striped side. You can have the stripes facing vertically or horizontally. It's up to you. Make sure to not glue the zipper though, you leave that part of jean exposed.

11. Once you let your other side dry and cut it, stand back and marvel at your creation! It's simple, yet time consuming, but your results are totes worth it!

Make sure to show me your DIY shorts! 

xxox dolls!


  1. Ah look great and easyDIY, I was thinking we need to sew it!!
    Thanks for sharing sweetie, would like to try it soon!
    I have one question, because we use glue here. When we going to wash (a few times) are the flag fabric going to come out?

    1. The glue you need to use is permanent fabric glue. once you glue it is washable and dry cleanable after 48 hours. The flag will never come off :)


  2. That looks so awesome! I also made one for myself. I'd be happy if you check it out :)