Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Designer Threads Without the Designer Prices.

For some of us fashionistas, our daily struggle is between our wallets and our need for fashion. If I have 20 bucks in my wallet and I need to pick between lunch and that super adorable necklace at Nordstrom, I'm gonna go with the necklace no doubt. I mean how can you expect me to leave something so fabulous?! But never fear dolls! I have found the answer to all our problems. If you're on a budget look no further then your local Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann's and TJ Maxx!

These stores offer great deals on high end merchandise. I love visiting these stores at least once a week and seeing what I can find. All of the stuff they carry is up to date and fashionable. You don't need to worry about popping in and only finding items your grandma would use

Steve by Steve Madden for $40. HALF OFF! c/o
Let's start off with Nordstrom Rack. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. I always go in for what I tell myself will be 10 minutes and end up walking out 2 hours and 100 bucks later. You can find great deals on bags, clothing and shoes! They have great deals on accessories too, but I never find anything worth my while in that part. Now the shoes are WOW!     You can find a pair of Tory Burch flats for only 75 bucks! You can't beat that. You can also find a ton of Steve Madden, Micheal Kors and Jeffery Campbell there for anywhere from 30-70% off. Half of my beautiful shoe collection is from here. They sell they same stuff you can find at Nordstrom, just cheaper. Now the bags are also an amazing deal. They had a beautiful Kate Space tote for $150 compared to the $280 retail price tag. They also have great prices on Micheal Kors bags. You can find lovely clothing for about 40-70% off as well. They have workout gear to gorgeous sheer maxi dresses perfect for the summer.

Kenneth Jay Lane for $264 vs $450!  c/o

Up next is Loehmann's! This fashion superstore offers 30-65% off top designers! This is any fashionistas dream. The only thing we love more then fashion is scoring an awesome deal on it. They have some amazing deals on sunglasses and jewelery. I found a pair of round Ray Bans for only $90! Their jewelery is always up to date. Right now the store is overflowing with large chain necklaces, bright bangles, gorgeous cocktail rings and beautiful, intricate earrings. Now, their bag collection is....breathtaking. They have Prada to MK and the prices that go with em' is equally as breathtaking. I've never really shopped their clothes or shoes, but according to my sources the deals you find are amazing.

Prada Heels for $299 vs $600! c/o TJ Maxx
Last but not least is TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is more of a stop in and if your lucky you'll find something great and if not you wasted 10 minutes of your life. I always tend to find really great shoe deals here. I got a pair of gorgeous Cole Hann beige leather boots that retailed for $300 for a mere $80 bucks. It was such a great deal. They also have a great selection of Sam Edelman and Steve Madden shoes. One lucky friend of mine ever scored a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS! Yes ladies, a pair of her own red bottoms. I still feel envy towards her. TJ Maxx has some great bags as well. Their clothing is eh, but their bag and shoe collection make up for it.

So no matter what your budget may be, rest assure fashion lovers one of the three stores will have what your looking for and won't leave you with buyer's remorse once you leave the store. You can now eat your cake and have those really cute espadrilles too. What more could you want?

What's your favorite store to score designer threads for less?

xxox dolls!


  1. I LOVE TJ Maxx. So much. And I think I'm dying a little that your friend found a pair of Louboutins.

  2. TJMaxx Is one of my favorite stores! You can allways find something there and Nordstrom Rack! I found a 20 USD Vera Wang Sandals