Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Studded Highwaisted Shorts!

Have you ever seen those adorable high waisted studded shorts at Urban Outfitters, SaboSkirt or Etsy and been like, "AH, I WANT/NEED THOSE IN MY LIFE!," and then you see the $60-80 price tag and your all like "Maybe I don't need em that bad..." Well fashion lovers I HAVE YOUR SOLUTION!

DIY Studded Highwaisted Shorts! It's so easy a caveman (or woman) can do it!

All you need are a few things: a spoon, pyramid studs (8 or 10mm on Etsy or Ebay), scissors, marker, ruler,  highwaisted jeans, and something to fray & distress them with like a razor.

So here are the instructions.

1. Grab a pair of highwaisted jeans from your local thrift store. I got a pair of vintage Levi's for $4 at Goodwill. Try them on and mark with the marker how short you want them. After lay them out on a flat surface and with the ruler draw a line across the jeans where you want them cut.

2. Cut them and try them on. If you want them shorter repeat #1 or you can always cuff them. you can also cut the bottom in a diagonal, which is what I did.

3. Next decide the stud design you want. I chose to stud the entire front of one side of my shorts. After grab the pyramid stud and place it on the jeans and push the little spikes through the jean.

4. Grab the spoon and push down the spikes to secure the stud. Repeat until you get the desired pattern.

5. Then distress them and fray the bottoms on the shorts. Fray and distress using a razor or sharp object and run it along the shorts. Sandpaper works great for creating holes.

6.Try em' on & marvel at your creation!

How easy and adorable is this?! A few low cost items, some free time and your imagination will get you fabulous shorts for less then half the price of what they would cost you at any store!

I also studded a jean vest, a pair of black shorts & a jean button down. How cute are they?!

For this button down btw, you stud the front the same way you did your shorts & then for the spikes you mark with a marker where you would like them, then with a super thick needle you poke holes where you marked it. After, you push spike through to open the hole more and you get the back of the spike and put it in the hole you made. Screw the spike on top and your done!! Super easy ladies.

xxox dolls!


  1. love it! Great DIY :)
    Emma x

  2. I love studded shorts! can't wait to try this! :)

  3. Great DIY! so perfect for summer