Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trend Alert! : Head Jewelry!

TREND ALERT!!!! We've always had jewelery for our hands, arms, necks, ears, etc; but now we have jewelry for our pretty little heads! Yes dolls, for our heads. Totally hipster chic and a total must have for any fashion lover!

I first saw these lovely head chains on Kim Kardashian. She had a hair chain for her pony tail. I was instantly obsessed. This piece adds the extra oomph to any outfit. It's available in gold,silver and black on Ebay if you search head chains & costs about $8 a piece. I love this ponytail chain! You can add this to any outfit to spice it up. Pair your sleek ponytail and chain with a nice pair of colored jeans, some heels and a sheer button down and your ready to take on the day! I just ordered mine and I can't wait to get it. 

Besides the great ponytail chain, we've seen the latest celebs wearing beautiful, ornate chains on their pretty little heads that look almost like Egyptian crowns. What girl hasn't always wanted a crown? These head chains are a little more of a fashion risk then the ponytail chain in my opinion, but with the right outfit and the confidence to back it up, anyone can rock this look! Head chains come in mostly gold or silver with beautiful designs and colors. They range from $20 to over $800! I'm still debating which head chain I want, but once I get it I can't wait to pair it with some soft waves and a simple outfit. You can find the head chains on Etsy, In Love With Fashion , Ebay , The Trend Boutique , or House of Harlow 1960 . I'm personally in the LOVE with the turquoise one from Etsy below. It's so perfect for summer!

Photo c/o
Photo c/o

Photo c/o The Trend Boutique

What do you think of this new trend? Would you rock the chains or not? 

xoxx dolls!


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