Monday, July 16, 2012

Style Week Resort Miami : DAY 3!

Well Style Week Resort Miami has finally come to a close and I bring you the final recap of the last three shows! This day proved to be the best of the three. With the last show bringing a new twist to the ol' runway show technique and not to mention we got a nice swag bag to take home. 

So as always, my outfit for the last night!

Sheer Floral Pants : Forever 21. Top : Forever 21. Bag : Micheal Kohrs. Studded Heels : Wild @ Bakers. 

And now let's get started with the first show of the night. This was the line of Project Runway contestant Janeane Marie. I had high hopes for this line, but it only made me yawn with boredom. The color choice was boring and bland with only black, white, beige and ONE teal piece. Her pieces proved to be just as boring as the colors. With flowy shorts and skirts, a weird peplum piece and lots of short tops it was something that's been done before and nothing orignal. The line also consisted of only 8 pieces. The only thing I liked about this line was an outfit that consisted of some gold flowy shorts. 

Up next, we had Jonathan Joseph Peter's line who was also a contestant on Project Runway. The whole line consisted on teals, oranges, white and yellow. There was tons of lace and the jewelry was gorgeous! The only thing I didn't like was the weird flower print and the outfit choices for men looked like something you'd see the trapeze people wearing at Circus Soleil. There was also this skirt that reminded me of my grandma's drapes, but the top and jewelry on the outfit were on point. Overall an okay line, very few pieces as well. 

Last but not least, we had Alessandra Gold's line. I expected crazy and tacky outfits from what I'd been hearing, but let me say that her show blowed me away. It was fun, upbeat with bright, bold pieces. Not to mention her runway show came with a surprise dance routine which was beyond words. Her line is dedicated to the urban street warriors and it included neons, fringe, tribal patterns and metallics. Her show line was to die for. Alessandra isn't your typical fashion line, but it's different and her vision translated into her show. 

Well that's all for this Style Week. I'm relaxing as much as possible because in 2 short days I begin none other then Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013 and it's a crazy, tiring week! Stay tuned for recaps of all the shows and parties. Until next time my fashion disciples! 

What line was your favorite?

xoxx dolls! 

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