Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Revlon Review

Ciao my little fashion disciples! I hope you are all doing fabulous as I come to you today with a little review on some great new products I recently picked up. 

If you're anything like me, I can't go to the drugstore without getting sucked into the beauty isle and seeing the new products that came out. I'm like a moth to the flame. I get sucked in and want to buy every product in ever color. This time it worked out in my favor because I love what I picked up! 

I'm talking about two great new products Revlon has come out with. Their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain & Revlon Lip Butter Balm.

I got three of each to try. Let's start with the Kissable balms, which I got the colors Romantic, Rendezvous & Darling. 

Left to Right: Darling, Rendezvous, Romantic

Left to Right: Darling, Rendezvous, Romantic

Left to Right: Romantic, Rendezvous, Darling

I LOVE all three of them. They have a more moisturizing effect then the original Just Bitten stains (which I also love) and they kind of remind me of the Chubby sticks from Clinique. It looks like a big crayon that you paint your lips with. It goes on smoothly, but make sure your lips are nice and smooth because if not it'll look horrible. The staying power is pretty good & they definitely stain the lips. Even when the balm effect wears off you still have color, so no need to always be reapplying. 

My favorite of the three is Darling. A lilac pink color which looks great on & it stayed on my lips forever. Rendezvous is a tangerine & Romantic is a nice red color. 

For the price (around $7) you can't beat it. They work, look great & have tons of fun colors to try out for summer. Deff. must try for all you ladies. 

Now, the Lip Butter balms are FAB-U-LOUS! I love lipstick and I love tinted balms and if those two things were to have a baby this would be it. They have great pigmentation and the color really shows on the lips. The packaging is also great with the clear top so you can see the actual color before you buy it. I ended up getting Cupcake, Tutti Frutti & Cotton Candy. These are about $6-7 bucks and so worth it. They give you lipstick color but with a touch of gloss and the moisture of a balm. I was surprised how much color they give off.

Left to Right: Cotton Candy, Tutti Frutti & Cupcake

Left to Right: Tutti Frutti,Cotton Candy & Cupcake

Left to Right: Cupcake, Cotton Candy & Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is a tangerine orange, similar to MACs Morange lipstick. LOVE IT. Cupcake is a sheer blue-pink, kinda reminds me of MACs Nicki Minaj color and Snob & last but not least is Cotton Candy which is a warm pink with a touch of gold. I will deff. be going to pick up some more asap because they are superb and there are so many colors to choose from!

Ladies, these two products get a thumbs up from me. What do you think? Will you give em a go or skip this one?

xxox dolls!

P.S Sorry for the poor pictures, as soon as I find my camera I'll repost & this is my own personal review, NO product was given to me to try.

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  1. i'm terrible in drug stores too -- i can never leave without buying a new lip gloss or nail polish! i'm pleased i'm not the only one ;) xx