Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking over NOLA!

Hello beauties. I have left my gorgeous city of Miami to travel 13 hours to the city of New Orleans with my best friend Alex for a little vacation time.

The 13 hour car drive was okay the first 6 hours and after that I wanted to go nuts contained in that tiny car! But, we did get to see some beautiful states like Alabama and Mississippi. We celebrated our arrival in NOLA with strawberry margaritas, very well deserved. 

Now since being here, we've gone on a ghost tour of the French Quarter and partied on Bourbon Street. Yesterday we went to the zoo, it was so much fun even though it was almost 100 degress outside and we we're melting with every step we took. I also had my first ever Snoball experience yesterday. It's kinda like a snocone but way better! And then last night we went to 50 cent night at our favorite bar The Boot. Everything is 50 cents, which I find amazing!

Today we've been taking it easy until dinner time where we're gonna have a nice night out. I'm currently super sick, which sucks but I'm trying to make the best out of it.

Until my next NOLA adventure, xoxx dolls!

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