Wednesday, October 3, 2012

StyleBook : A Dream Come True

Who remembers Clueless and that fabulous closet Cher had? Remember that little app on her computer that she flipped through to pick out her outfits? Well it's 2012 and our little magical device is finally here and available on our iPhones! The answer to our prayers is called StyleBook

StyleBook is an app that allows fashionistas everywhere to organize your wardrobe. It also allows your to compare new purchases to pieces already in your closet, plan outfits, mix and match and even save style inspiration. 

There's tons of awesome features including the Packing List where you can make outfits then import them into the packing list to use for reference later when you're throwing items into your suitcase. There's also the size tracker to track your sizes in everything possible and calendar that let's you see when you've worn certain outfits.

This app is a huge life saver for me and I've been like a crazy woman taking pictures of my closet to keep track of all my clothes. 

Will you be getting Style Book?

xoxx dolls! 

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