Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OPI Fall Collection 12'

As we settle into Fall, the time has come to give up our neon and pastel nails for richer, darker colors. OPI has partnered up with the James Bond franchise to being us nail polish feens some fabulous new polishes and even an 18k gold tip coat. Yes ladies, gold for your nails.

First off is the Skyfall 007 Collection featuring 12 new polishes ranging from glitters to deep purples. I am absolutely obsessed with these colors. Especially "The Living Daylights", I just need that multi glitter polish on my fingers like yesterday. 

I have to say my favorites are: Tomorrow Never Dies, The Living Daylights, Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me and The World Is Not Enough.

You can find these polishes at any nail supply store for $8.50 a bottle or try eBay/Amazon to score these babies for a great deal.

Next up we have the super awesome Magnetic Holiday Lacquers to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond. Each one these come with its own unique magnetizer to create striped, diamond or wavy patterns. 

Bond...James Bond is a gold shimmer that makes a diamond magnet
Is That Silva? is a metallic silver shimmer that leaves a striped magnetic behind
Morning, MoneyPenny is a rich burgundy which leaves lovely waves. 

And lastly we have the ever so fabulous 18K Gold Top Coat 'The Man With The Golden Gun'! Now even though the price is a little much, $30, I cannot pass up the opportunity to have gold flecks all over my fall manis and then brag about it. Call me superficial, whatever, every girl loves gold and this girl likes it on her nails. You can score this little bottle on eBay or Amazon as well for a good price, you just have to search. 

Overall I love the new James Bond partnership and all the new polished. Would I buy every single one? No. A few? Hell yes. What do you think of the new polishes?

xoxx dolls!

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